Legal marijuana sales creating escalating damage to the environment

Marijuana sales have created an economic boom in U.S. states that have fully or partially relaxed their cannabis laws, but is the increased cultivation and sale of this crop also creating escalating environmental damage and a threat to public health? In an opinion piece published by the journal Environmental Science and Technology, researchers from the University…
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Sonoma County set to consider cannabis policy changes to ease dispute between growers, neighbors

Sonoma County supervisors will consider Tuesday revising the rules governing cannabis businesses, hoping to balance the competing interests of pot farmers and neighborhood activists who don’t want commercial grows near their rural homes. The Board of Supervisors also is set to discuss opening the door to recreational cannabis sales in the county’s unincorporated areas, where…
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Pot Growers impede fire response

On August 4, 2018, at approximately 1045AM, Deputies were dispatched to the Bartlett Springs Road area, in Nice. Fire… Posted by Lake County Sheriff's Office on Saturday, August 4, 2018

On Setbacks: A Proposal

 I submit my proposal to you to implement proper cannabis property setbacks in order to achieve your stated objectives to improve cannabis/neighborhood compatibility. Such setbacks changes are not included in any Phase 1 recommendations I’ve seen, and that would be a missed opportunity to make significant strides toward neighborhood compatibility — today. This map of does not demonstrate any…
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County protecting marijuana scofflaws

Posted on April 5, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun The owners of two proposed cannabis grows in Bennett Valley are violating environmental or planning laws while the county allows them to continue to grow their lucrative crops. California Fish and Wildlife has determined that a grower on Matanzas Creek Lane has polluted and diverted a…
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From the field: Pot and property values

EDITOR: Suppose you bought a house in Sonoma County. You worked hard to pay the mortgage. You worked hard to build up equity in your house. You worked hard to make your house a safe environment for your children. Then the Board of Supervisors voted to allow a large commercial cannabis operation to be built…
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From the field, Stench in Sebastopol RR Zone

To Sonoma County BOS I have some serious concerns about the pending permit for 5651 Ver-Ni Rd. My concerns are that the cannabis farm will: Put my family at risk of invasion. Destroy the value of our property. Deluge it with stench. Cause dust, noise and commercial traffic – deliveries, employees, pickups, & trash. Are…
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From the field, Cazadero

To: Lynda Hopkins, Tim Ricard Thank you for meeting with us in Cazadero a couple weeks back. It was very kind of you to take the time. However as we get near the meeting next Tuesday, I suspect not much will change. The County will persist on expecting budget windfalls from this project to offset the…
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Call to Action to our Bay Area Friends, Media and Community Leaders August 3, 2018, Sonoma County, CA: SOSN leadership and members will be attending the August 7th Board of Supervisors meeting, calling for changes to the ordinance to support our safety, security, and protections to our neighborhoods, environment and parks. We are prepared to take…
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File Code Enforcement Complaints Online

The penalty relief program that allowed pre-existing pot grows to continue is over. A lot of sites are now illegal. If you know of a commercial grow that is operating without a permit you can file a complaint here: https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/PRMD/Eng-and-Constr/Code-Enforcement If you see or smell a commercial grow and you aren’t sure it has a…
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