An unhealthy business

EDITOR: For the majority of voters, Proposition 64 was meant to decriminalize marijuana use and possession, not promote a massive new marijuana industry with hundreds of manufacturing operations throughout Sonoma County. Notably, both Napa and Marin counties aren’t following such destructive and ill-conceived policies. Sonoma County government is complicit in being a promoter of this…
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Natural Green Herb Update: Tell Your Children – Link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness

An eye-opening report from an award-winning author and former New York Times reporter reveals the link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness, and a hidden epidemic of violence caused by the drug—facts the media have ignored as the United States rushes to legalize cannabis. Recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states. Almost all Americans believe…
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Life with cannabis farms

EDITOR: Yes, we voted to legalize cannabis it so it could be controlled, monitored and taxed. No, we didn’t expect that it would be grown right in our neighborhoods. We thought land would be too expensive, labor too tight. Call us NIMBYs if you want. We moved to this county because we loved its sense…
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What’s That Smell? NY Times

Today, we’ve got a potent story from San Francisco bureau chief Thomas Fuller: A decade ago Marie and Surinder Uppal fulfilled what they considered their American dream: the construction of a two-story home next to vineyards in Sonoma County. But earlier this year, besieged by a mysterious, pungent odor, they wondered if they had made the…
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Dead Skunk’ Stench From Marijuana Farms Outrages Californians – NY Times

CARPINTERIA, Calif. — They call it fresh skunk, the odor cloud or sometimes just the stink. Mike Wondolowski often finds himself in the middle of it. He may be on the chaise longue on his patio, at his computer in the house, or tending to his orange and lemon trees in the garden when the…
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Cannabis tasting ahead?

Hey, know what’s missing from this image? “Pot farm .5 miles” “Cannabis tasting .75 miles, turn right down this narrow road” “Home invasion area ahead, roll up windows and duck” N O T There are 18 pot farms applications within @10 square miles of this photo. Think about what you want for the future of…
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Local impacts of Cannabis Report

Local Impacts of Commercial Cannabis Final Report 10.02.18

Local cultural enrichment compliments of Marijuana trade

Man in underwear at Santa Rosa Target store sparks kidnapping, robbery investigation Two Stockton residents were in custody Tuesday, suspected of kidnapping, robbery and assault during a Santa Rosa marijuana deal that left one man stripped to his underwear, yelling for help in a busy Santa Rosa shopping center, according to police. The investigation started…
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Report: Sonoma County’s natural resources worth billions

This is what the Supervisors don’t get. This is what they fail to understand, much less preserve. Our rural character.A recent report accompanying revisions to the cannabis ordinance stated that preservation of rural character was not a consideration. “The aesthetic benefit of the county’s working and natural lands has the highest value of any single…
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Did you know how the dominant North Bay print media company was OWNED by the cannabis lobby? Read.

Darius Anderson, in addition to being a premier lobbyist in the State (representing folks like PG&E) and being an owner of the Press Democrat and the Sonoma paper, he represents the pot industry (registered lobbyist for CannaCraft) and may very well be personally invested in some of the very grows ruining your neighborhood. His brother…
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