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Unexpected industry (PD)

EDITOR: What is it that people who report on marijuana don’t understand about the vote in 2016? Pretty much everyone I know voted to decriminalize the use of cannabis and private grows. No one envisioned the booming industry that is attempting to insert itself into our local lifestyles. Not one person would have imagined an…
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Buzz Kill for Pot Farmers: Lower Prices (WSJ)

Editor’s Note Most everything about the current Pot growing situation in Sonoma County is transitory. Over medium to long term prices will drop and the small growers will be pushed out by big Pot, the new version of Big Tobacco. So when you advocate for pot growing in Sonoma County, you are advocating for big…
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Chicago has nothing on Sonoma, Another home invasion

I forget if this is Sonoma County home Invasion #5, 6 or 7 I’M LOSING COUNT. Yes, I am losing count of the number of times murdering thugs have broken into peoples home, while they are home and beaten, robbed, tied up and killed the occupants. Isn’t that quaint. I’m sure tourism will be up.…
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Shutting down illegal marijuana grows benefits all (Press Democrat)

Shutting down illegal marijuana grows benefits all At this weekend’s Cannabis Cup festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, growers and consumers will celebrate California’s arrival as the world’s largest legal recreational marijuana market. But as they savor the results of their victories, they’d be wise to acknowledge a lingering threat — black market operations that…
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If a marijuana grow warehouse opens nearby, will your home value suffer?

Sacramentoi Bee Recreational weed is now legal in California. So what does that mean? In January 2018, state and local authorities will begin issuing licenses for the sale of legal recreational marijuana. But what do you need to know before you rush to the dispensary? Information courtesy of Ballotpedia.com. McClatchy Video produced by Emily Zentner/The…
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Cannabis-Related Lights Polluting SoHum Skies

North Coast Journal Once again spring brings light to the hills of the Emerald Counties — large industrial lights that flood valleys, glow into neighbors’ windows and possibly confuse wildlife, disrupting natural cycles. Rural communities complain that greenhouses constructed specifically for growing marijuana bring unwanted light into rural areas usually only lit by the stars,…
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Pot Stinks – Southern California flower town wrestles with odor amid shift to marijuana

Press Democrat CARPINTERIA — This picturesque coastal town cradled by mountains and sandy shores is a scene out of a Southern California postcard. Residents of Carpinteria say they feel lucky to live in what they consider a slice of paradise. But change is in the air. And sometimes, they say, it stinks. That’s because marijuana…
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Three dead, five injured; driver arrested on suspicion of being under influence of marijuana: CHP

It’s just a plant. All natural The CHP said that compared to 2017 statistics, DUI-marijuana arrests in the Bay Area will be up by 70 percent by the end of 2018, if the current trend continues. http://www.ktvu.com/news/2-dead-3-critical-in-multi-vehicle-freeway-crash-in-fremont

From the Field: An SOSN core member says goodbye to Sonoma County

One of our founders, who lives a rural part of the North County, has given up hope and is selling his property – most likely at a great loss – due to the incursion of 2 large commercial pot grows next door. “You’ll have to excuse my tone and directness, the past 7 months have…
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At Least Eleven Pot-Related Homicides Since Legalization, Colorado DA Says

George BrauchlerAugust 21, 2017 Editor’s note: The July 25 post “Shawn Geerdes’s Marijuana-Grow Murder Used to Attack Legal Pot” asserted that 18th Judicial District DA and 2018 Colorado gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler had attempted to score political points with anti-cannabis critics by way of post-prosecution statements such as, “Here is yet another violent crime related to marijuana. Whatever benefits…
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