Sonoma County releases Draft of Cannabis Lobby Revisions to Ordinance

Wholesale capitulation to the cannabis lobby and out of area speculators Abandonment of local residents, rural neighborhoods Removal of restrictions on cannabis production in the County All cannabis permits to be ministerial without neighbor notification or input Cannabis to be re-classified as an Ag crop Cannabis tourism restrictions to be removed The comment period will…
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Why does Sonoma County government want to be the supplier of marijuana to the entire state?

The amount of pot allowed by the new cannabis ordinance (written by the cannabis lobby) is more than 60 times local consumption. More than our current grape cultivation. The cannabis lobby is always using the need “for local manufacturers, distributors and dispensaries in sourcing locally-grown cannabis for their customers” as a driver for removing restrictions…
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Upcoming town hall – Please attend and make your voice heard

Announcement March 4, 2021 Contact: info@sosneighborhoods.com   Upcoming town hall – Please attend and make your voice heard   Our county has released a new draft cannabis ordinance which the public needs to weigh in on. We are not concerned about individual cultivation, personal use, access to products or city-based canna-tourism. This new ordinance will…
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Another wine region went all in for cannabis. The mess that ensued will blow your mind

PS: To pot speculators looking to Sonoma County – Go South, they have open arms, better climate… Los Angeles Times, By JOE MOZINGOSTAFF WRITER JUNE 12, 2019 5 AM PT In a sandy draw of the Santa Rita Hills, a cannabis company is planning to erect hoop greenhouses over 147 acres — the size of 130 football fields…
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Napa County doubles down on cannabis – the answer is NO

Tourism and Winery officials speak out on negative impacts on those industries, other issues At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting in Napa County, the majority of Napa supervisors agreed that vineyards coexisting with cannabis doesn’t work. “We have an equation that works for Napa.  We can’t afford to take a risk with cannabis cultivation.…
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California puts marijuana workers above teachers for vaccinations

See the look of surprise and astonishment on my face. FEBRUARY 18, 2021 BY PAUL MIRENGOFF  VACCINATION PRIORITY FOR TEACHERS OR MEDICAL MARIJUANA WORKERS? The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s updated coronavirus vaccine guidelines place medical marijuana workers ahead of some teachers, bus drivers, and food and agricultural workers. Leaders in the cannabis industry had lobbied Gov.…
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“Small Farmer highlighted in Sonoma West article buying up parcels in Bennett Valley.

Must be tough to be small The reality is most cannabis growers in Sonoma County are well funded out of area speculators. https://www.sonomawest.com/users/login/?referer_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sonomawest.com%2Fsonoma_west_times_and_news%2Fnews%2Fcounty-s-updated-cannabis-ordinance-sure-to-draw-a-crowd%2Farticle_5de71848-70b6-11eb-ab8b-af2d26c3d38a.html

The latest proposed pot facility in rural Sonoma is a real stinker

Read about the proposed operation in Bloomfield, the latest poster child project for a bad ordinance gone even further amok. And please sign the petition.

Say no to canna-tourism (Press Democrat)

EDITOR: Sonoma County supervisors will be voting on the cannabis ordinance soon, and they are considering removal of the current cannabis-tourism prohibition. Please write your supervisor and demand that the county retain and actually enforce the ban on cannabis on-site hospitality activities. Request that the county uphold Ordinance No. 6245, Section 26-88-250 (c) (5), which…
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From the field: Our new neighbor is an out of town Board certified surgeon. Who wants to put a commercial marijuana operation next to our home.

Welcome to cannabis country My husband and I purchased our home in Petaluma in fall 2020. We’re a young, newlywed couple. This is our first home, and what we thought was our forever home. It’s a beautiful yellow victorian farmhouse and heritage home on one acre of land. We are surrounded by large fields where…
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