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Board of Supervisors:

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Sonoma County Cannabis Officials

Christina Rivera
General information:

County Cannabis Lawyer: Jennifer Klein

Ag Department
Sonoma County Department of Weights and & Measures
Ag Director Andrew Smith
133 Aviation Boulevard Suite 110 Santa Rosa, CA 95403
General information:

Director Ag Department - Andrew Smith:

Permit Sonoma  (PRMD)
Permit Resource Management Department
2550 Ventura Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA, 95403

Director Permit Sonoma - Tennis Wick

Permit Sonoma:

Other Sonoma County Officials

Sheryl Bratton, County Administrator:

Linda Schiltgen, Deputy County Council: linda.schiltgen@sonoma-county,org

Sita Kuteira, Deputy County Counsel for Cannabis:

Tennis Wick, PRMD Director:

Planning Department

To contact the County with questions about the Planning Agency, Planning Commission, or Board of Zoning Adjustments, email:

Planning Commissioners


Greg Carr                           1st District 
Caitlin Cornwall               1st District
Larry Reed                        2nd District
Todd Tamura                   2nd District
Gina Belforte                    3rd District
Jacquelynne Ocaña         3rd District
Vacant                                4th District
Cameron Mauritson        4th District
Pamela Davis                     5th District
Vacant  5th District

Alternate Addresses

Greg Carr                          1st District
Caitlin Cornwall              1st District 
Larry Reed                       2nd District
Todd Tamura                  2nd District
Paula Cook                      3rd District
Komron Shahhosseini  3rd District
Ariel Kelley                     4th District
Cameron Mauritson     4th District
Pamela Davis                 5th District
John Lowry                    5th District


The Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee was dissolved by county counsel in January 2021 because it is actually a standing committee that has to meet in public. Because Supervisors Gore and Hopkins refused to meet in public, they decided not to have a committee. Welcome to Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Informational Links

Final Cannabis Ordinance with Attachments (Ord 6189)(PDF: 1.2 MB)

Final Cannabis Land Use Table(PDF: 223 kB)

Sonoma County Cannabis Program

Sonoma County Cannabis Rules and Ordinances

Sonoma County Policy Paper on Cultivation in Rural Residential Areas

Sonoma County Zoning Map Viewer

Petaluma Dairy Belt Area Plan

There are a couple sites on the County where you can look up parcels/properties to get some information.  You can look up by the parcel’s APN or address and get basic info.  You can review a property by address or APN for it’s permit history.  It will show all recorded violations and current status.

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Cannabis Law By County:

These laws are in flux and this may not reflect latest regulations

OCR: What are the marijuana laws in your California city? Explore our database of local cannabis policies. Paper from UC Davis, a very trusted AG:

Study produced by ERA. it is also used by UC Davis.  It gives far better analysis than what the County is using. This report was prepared for the California Department of Food and agriculture Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program in January of 2017:

Ground Water Resources in Mendocino County, C. D. Farrar, USGS , 1984

Mendocino County Coastal Ground Water Study,  Resources Agency, 1982

Coastal Ground Water Resources Map – 1982

The Ground Water (availability)  documents are available from the Mendocino County Water Agency.  Added information can be obtained from the Ukiah Valley Ground Water Sustainability  Plan.  [these documents readily available to the County]

See California’s List of Water Quality Limited Segments (303 (d) list of impaired waterbodies) – for watercourses listed as impaired in Mendocino County.  (Temperature Impairment and Sedimentation = flow impairment).

Leaf enclosure measurements for determining volatile organic compound emission capacity from Cannabis spp.

Chi-TsanWangaChristineWiedinmyerbKirstiAshworthcPeter C.HarleydJohnOrtegadWilliamVizuetea

Cannabis and the Environment: What Science Tells Us and What We Still Need to Know

Study Shows Cannabis Might Be Impacting Air Quality

Santa Cruz County DEIR (air quality and  other cultivation and processing impacts, mitigations, and  controls):

Future Enterprises and Environmental Impacts in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis and the Environment, CDFW,

San Joaquin Valley Air District Permitting Rules:

The Carbon Emission Impacts of Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation:

The carbon footprint of indoor Cannabis production

White Paper: Environmental Impacts of the Marihuana Industry,  Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,  2018

Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (section of Santa Barbara County EIR on Cannabis production)

Other Local Groups Engaged in Similar Activities

It's too much cannabis!

Wine and Water Watch

Friends of Graton

River Keepers – Sonoma County Water Coalition

No Pot on Purvine

Calaveras County Group

Rural Sonoma

Bennett Valley Community Association

Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Sonoma County Conservation Council

Sonoma County Transportation and Land-Use Coalition

Coalition for a Better Sonoma

Petaluma Tomorrow

Greenbelt Alliance

Western Sonoma Rural Alliance

Petalumans for Responsible Planning

Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District

Sonoma County Conservation Action

Sonoma Land Trust

Sonoma Mountain Preservation

Valley of the Moon Alliance

Preserve Rural Sonoma County

Citizens Advocating for Roblar Rural Quality

Friends of Atascadero Watershed (FAW)

Sonoma County Water Coalition

State of California Advocacy

Bureau of Cannabis Control

Cannabis Regulations January 2019 Update

Schedules of hearings – Be Heard
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