Growers in Fear

Concerned about having grow locations known.
Hiding themselves in residential neighborhoods.

Some growers or land owners have contacted us to express concern that their safety might be compromised by having the public information about their proposals listed here. We certainly don’t wish harm on anyone.

Save Our Sonoma Neighborhoods believes that all commercial cannabis grows in Sonoma County should be located in industrial-zoned areas.  Commercial growers can much more easily protect themselves in such areas and thereby not subject innocent neighbors to danger.

The marijuana business is inherently dangerous.

Commercial growers in rural areas subject their neighbors to those dangers, essentially hiding themselves among residents who don’t conduct a marijuana business.

If someone comes to a neighborhood looking for a commercial pot grow, it’s in the interest of those not involved in growing marijuana to provide accurate information as to where the commercial grow is located.

This puts the risk of the marijuana business on the people involved with it, not innocent neighbors.

All information on this web site is a public record under California law. The information can easily be obtained elsewhere.

We need a map because rural Sonoma County is inundated with commercial permit applications without the neighbors knowing about them.  We want rural residents to know about and understand the implications of almost 180 proposed commercial pot grows.

The board of supervisors will soon be considering changes to the Cannabis Ordinance.

We hope that commercial growers will join us in asking the supervisors to place all commercial marijuana grows in commercially-zoned areas where neighbors will not be subjected to the dangers, smells, environmental, and other problems associated with marijuana cultivation.