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Pepper Lane, a close-knit family neighborhood, threatened by large commercial cannabis operation.

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Project Narrative
Preliminary Site Plan


The owner has purchased four parcels on Pepper Lane, so the intent is very likely to
make it a destination akin to a winery, with tours of the grow and processing
operations, and a tasting room.

The county is planning to update their Cannabis ordinance, which could allow up to
65,753 acres of commercial cannabis in Sonoma. This will turn Sonoma County into a
cannabis tourism destination.

The Cannabis operation here on Pepper Lane includes a 11,000 sqft greenhouse,
8,000 sqft outdoor cultivation, 1,500 sqft propagation & distribution facility, and a
10,000 sqft processing plant. The operation will also have an office, a 24/7 security
guard station, pesticide/composting areas, and a parking lot with 17 spots.

This facility will be operated by DEO Farms LLC (Deep East Oakland Farms), which is
owned by Bobby and Diana Aycock . Check out their instagram @deofarms.


Crops will be harvested four times a year, requiring 20 seasonal workers and
generating significant odor. Odor is the number one impact neighborhoods report with
outdoor grow operations. Many are also allergic to the pollen, which will be present

The 10,000 sqft processing facility will continuously produce odor, as on-site
processing includes drying, trimming, grading and packaging of cannabis as well as

As the properties are developed, and tours are offered and a tasting room opened,
there will be a significant increase in traffic on the lane. Traffic from harvesting and
distribution will also be significant.

Because grow operations attract crime, there will be high wattage lighting around the
properties, as well as many security cameras and 24/7 security guards.

Grow operations use large amounts of water and chemicals, which could impact all
our wells.

Properties purchased to date: 200 Pepper Lane = 17.65 acres;
472 Pepper Lane = 14.23 acres; 985 Pepper Rd = 25 acres, (this lot is close to the
east end of Pepper Lane.)

The fourth property is across the street from 200 Pepper Lane.
If you have questions or concerns, please attend the meeting March 29, 4:15pm.

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