Month: June 2018

Buzz Kill for Pot Farmers: Lower Prices (WSJ)

Editor’s Note Most everything about the current Pot growing situation in Sonoma County is transitory. Over medium to long term prices will drop and the small growers will be pushed out by big Pot, the new version of Big Tobacco. So when you advocate for pot growing in Sonoma County, you are advocating for big…
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 the only ones getting rich are the marijuana industry. State governments and society lose money whenever pot is legalized. Whether it is costs to employers, increases to social service costs, the rise in homelessness or the regulatory system created to manage the marijuana program, the marijuana industry doesn’t pay these costs. Instead, we all pay:…
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The ongoing environmental catastrophe of marijuana cultivation (Bioscience)

High Time for Conservation: Adding the Environment to the Debate on Marijuana Liberalization The liberalization of marijuana policies, including the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, is sweeping the United States and other countries. Marijuana cultivation can have significant negative collateral effects on the environment that are often unknown or overlooked. Focusing on the state…
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Study: Deadly pesticide use increases at illegal cannabis farms

But when they become legalized, these practices disappear. Legal pot grows are pure as the driven snow. Yea right. SACRAMENTO — Researchers and federal authorities are finding what they say is an alarming increase in the use of a powerful pesticide at illegal marijuana farms hidden on public land in California. The pesticide residue is…
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Chicago has nothing on Sonoma, Another home invasion

I forget if this is Sonoma County home Invasion #5, 6 or 7 I’M LOSING COUNT. Yes, I am losing count of the number of times murdering thugs have broken into peoples home, while they are home and beaten, robbed, tied up and killed the occupants. Isn’t that quaint. I’m sure tourism will be up.…
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Humboldt County marijuana industry faces lawsuit by environmental group

By Will Houston, Eureka Times-Standard POSTED: 06/06/18, 11:25 AM PDT | UPDATED: 10 HRS AGO 0 COMMENTS An Arcata-based environmental organization filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors’ recent expansion of the local cannabis industry violated state laws by allowing for new and larger farms in watersheds without first studying the impacts. “The impacts of…
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Shutting down illegal marijuana grows benefits all (Press Democrat)

Shutting down illegal marijuana grows benefits all At this weekend’s Cannabis Cup festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, growers and consumers will celebrate California’s arrival as the world’s largest legal recreational marijuana market. But as they savor the results of their victories, they’d be wise to acknowledge a lingering threat — black market operations that…
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