Month: November 2021

Only in Sonoma File: Ag Commissioner plays CYA on allowing multiple permits on single parcel

The Ag Commissioner has been actively promoting issuance of multiple 10,000 square feet cannabis permits per parcel that total up to an acre, in violation of the cannabis ordinance that allows an aggregate of no more than 10,000 square feet of cultivation per parcel. In this article, Ag Commissioner Andrew Smith acts like he’s solving…
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Equity Grants for pot cultivators

“The County staff increasingly seem to inhabit a parallel universe that by my lights is a freak and horror show” I understand that staff is proposing that Penalty Relief Project (PRP) applicants receive “equity grants” up to $70,000 based on a report entitled “Sonoma County Cannabis Equity Assessment.” The only ongoing PRP application in Bennett…
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In a disastrous drought, a grim milestone: California could see its first big reservoir run dry

SF ChronicleKurtis AlexanderNov. 12, 2021 REDWOOD VALLEY, Mendocino County — Lake Mendocino, once a plentiful reservoir nourishing the vines and villas of Sonoma and Mendocino counties, today is little more than a large pond, cowering beneath the coastal hills. The exposed and cracked mud on the reservoir’s floor, as much as the wildfire that burned…
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Calif. officials targeted in pot licensing probe

Ruben Vives and Robert J. Lopez Los Angeles Times TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE LOS ANGELES – A federal grand jury has issued subpoenas seeking information about cash and other payments to public officials and cannabis consultants as part of a criminal investigation into pot licensing in Baldwin Park and nearby cities, the Los Angeles Times has learned.…
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Cartels Using Narco-Slaves to Grow Illegal Marijuana on Industrial Scale in Oregon

Locals spooked, police overwhelmed That cannabis cachet just keeps on flowering… If this piece doesn’t make you barf, read this one about Chinese pot speculators decimating the Navajo Nation. BY SCOTTIE BARNES November 1, 2021 Updated: November 2, 2021 Seven years after Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, the market for cannabis is booming. But rather than propagate a legal agricultural…
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Calfornia North Coast illegal cannabis farms siphoning water amid drought

Previous SOSN post about legal pharmers stealing water from fire hydrants See the similarities? SUSAN WOODTHE NORTH BAY BUSINESS JOURNALSeptember 2, 2021 A bust of an illegal cannabis grow site within Sonoma Coast State Park has weeded out an even bigger problem for the North Bay suffering from a drought year — water theft. “Cannabis…
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