Month: February 2023

California’s Marijuana Paradise Lost

The black market in pot proliferates despite legalization. By The Editorial BoardFeb. 7, 2023 Marijuana advocates us that legalizing the drug would curb the black market. We’re still waiting. The opposite has happened in California, where a glut of illegal weed is undercutting legal purveyors. Now progressives are proposing an interstate compact to export their pot and…
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Pot is making people sick. Congress is playing catch-up

Politico Now that a growing body of evidence says marijuana is bad for you, more regulation is in the offing. By BEN LEONARD02/06/2023 When Gallup asked about legalizing weed last year, two-thirds of Americans supported it — up from 12 percent when the pollster first asked in 1969. Recognition of marijuana’s medical benefits, the harms of punitive drug…
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