Month: April 2022

Rising pot use – New health risks identified

Wall Street Journal Rising Marijuana Use Presents Secondhand Risks Studies probe harms to people near users, accidental ingestion by dogs Cannabis companies in the U.S. lack access to banking and other financial services because the drug is federally illegal. That could change through new legislation or thanks to broader legalization efforts backed by the Democratically-controlled…
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Sonoma County publishes reports on cannabis environmental dangers. Sonoma County encourages cannabis cultivation. What did you expect, consistency?

Abstract “Cannabis agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States that is changing rapidly with policy liberalization. Anecdotal observations fuel speculation about associated environmental impacts, and there is an urgent need for systematic empirical research. An example from Humboldt County California, a principal cannabis-producing region, involved digitizing 4428 grow sites in 60 watersheds…
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