Month: July 2021

Study: North Coast cannabis growers rely more on groundwater amid debate over drought restrictions

A new study has found that cannabis farms in California’s prime growing regions, including the North Coast, rely primarily on groundwater wells to irrigate their crop as opposed to streams, providing more insight into the debate over water scarcity as the state grapples with a historic drought. The Cannabis Research Center at UC Berkeley report…
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Question: Why hasn’t Prop 64 ended the horrific decimation of our lands and resources by marijuana growers?

Illegal pot invades California’s deserts, bringing violence, fear, ecological destruction By JACLYN COSGROVE, LOUIS SAHAGÚN | LOS ANGELES TIMES EXCLUSIVE JULY 11, 2021 5 AM PT Before his corpse was dumped in a shallow grave 50 miles north of Los Angeles, Mauricio Ismael Gonzalez-Ramirez was held prisoner at one of the hundreds of black-market pot farms that…
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