Month: September 2018

It’s high time we took a breath from marijuana commercialization

When will you wake up!? Put the pot pipe down for 5 minutes, read this letter, and think about the future for our children. What kind our country and County are we leaving them? It’s high time we took a breath from marijuana commercialization By BOB TROYER | Guest Commentary September 28, 2018 at 4:51 pm In…
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California’s ill-conceived marijuana program has inflicted irreparable environmental, Human and economic harm on our once fine state

Estimated reclamation costs in Calaveras County California alone could reach $2 billion for 1,200 grow sites. 50,000 grow sites in the state could amount to over $50 billion, according to the Calaveras County study ( Aside from killing wildlife, fish and depleting streams and water tables, the poisons seeping into the ground are contaminating watersheds…
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Report: Colorado, Oregon Marijuana Prices Plummet by 50 Percent

Good news for consumers, not so much for producers. When Jim Parco opened Mesa Organics, a recreational cannabis retail outlet in Pueblo, Colorado, in January 2016, an ounce of marijuana ran about $300. Now, Parco recently told KRDO, the shop — one of about 30 in a city of 100,000 people — is “selling $60 ounces…
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Big Canna – Big Tobacco or Big Pharma

You think prop 64 and Sonoma County’s decision to allow pot cultivation is about small growers? the little guy? local farmers? Grow up. You think it’s about the cottage grower or personal cultivation? Get a clue. Ultimately the grows in our rural countryside will be operated by Big Canna, which will be the pharmaceutical industry…
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Sonoma County, Welcome to the Narco state

Narco-state From Wikipedia Narco-state is a political and economic term applied to states where all legitimate institutions become penetrated by the power and wealth of the illegal drug trade. Welcome to Sonoma County post Big Canna invasion.  

California’s Illegal Weed Industry Is Doing Better Than Ever

Those in the weed business have discovered that the black market is still more profitable in many ways than the newly legal industry. Photo illustration from a photo of weed jars in a legal dispensary. Photo by Thomas Philip Galvez/Getty It was 2004 when William P. first got into the weed game. He was 18 years old…
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