Month: October 2018

What ABC News left out

Tonight’s ABC News piece on the illegal pot tourism activity on Purvine Road ended with a pregnant pause as if there might not be any illegal grow. New flash! See photos. Do you want this in your rural neighborhood?  

SOSN Press Release: Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order protecting Sonoma County neighborhood against illegal Cannabis tourism

SAVE OUR SONOMA NEIGHBORHOODS·SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2018 A group of Sonoma County residents has filed a lawsuit to shut down an illegal pot grow and cannabis tourism operation in the Purvine Road neighborhood. The suit alleges that the unlicensed grower is transforming a peaceful stretch of the Petaluma Dairy Belt into an unlawful cannabis event…
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Just Some Pharmers: Two men accused of attempted murder following Santa Rosa pot robbery

Santa Rosa police officers arrested two Vallejo men late Thursday night on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery in connection with a shooting that followed a pot deal gone awry. Milton Harrison Thompson and Samuel Ricardo Hernandez, both 31, were arrested and booked into the Contra Costa County Jail after Santa Rosa detectives tracked them…
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Proposed Changes to California Cannabis Cultivation Regulations

Amended proposed regulations released today, October 19, 2018. The proposed changes mark the next step in the formal rulemaking process toward adopting non-emergency regulations, and a new public comment period starts today and ends on Monday, November 5, 2018, at 5pm (PST). They may be viewed on the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing website:  

SOSN Press Release: Sonoma County Officials Fail to Fix Flawed Cannabis Ordinance

PRESS RELEASE October 18, 2018. Sonoma County, California “Sonoma County Officials Fail to Fix Flawed Cannabis Ordinance” Who we are: Save Our Sonoma Neighborhoods (SOSN) is a grassroots group of Sonoma County citizens advocating to improve Sonoma County’s Cannabis Land Use Ordinance that currently endangers Sonoma County residents, their homes, property values, environment and safety. We…
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Natural Green Herb Update: Devastating figures reveal true toll of cannabis on the UK’s health

Devastating figures reveal true toll of cannabis on the UK’s health as 125,000 people are admitted to hospital over the drug in just five years Some 15,000 teenagers have been hospitalised after taking cannabis since 2013 The levels of admissions in England have jumped by more than 50 per cent  Last year, 31,330 people required…
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The IRS has a reward program if you turn in someone who isn’t paying taxes, like black market marijuana grower…

IRS Whisteblower Instructions Whistelblower Information F orm Whistleblower Reward Form

Natural Green Herb Update: Cannabis inflicts long-term damage on teenage brains: Those who use the drug as teens struggle with reasoning, memory, and inhibitions in later life

Teenagers who use cannabis are inflicting long-term damage on their brains, a new study has warned. Researchers tracked nearly 4,000 teenagers over fours years and found clear evidence of marijuana use being linked to struggles with reasoning, memory and inhibitions later in life. Previous studies have shown that cannabis misuse has been linked to impairments…
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