Month: May 2024

Strong Link Between Teen Cannabis Use and Psychosis Risk

FeaturedNeurosciencePsychology ·May 22, 2024 Summary: A new study finds a strong association between teen cannabis use and a significantly increased risk of developing psychotic disorders. This risk appears to be age-dependent, with adolescents being particularly vulnerable to the effects of cannabis on their developing brains. While further research is needed, these findings raise concerns about early…
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What You Aren’t Hearing About Marijuana’s Health Effects – WSJ

Bertha Madras, a leading expert on weed, outlines the science linking itto psychiatric disorders, permanent brain damage, and other seriousharms. By Allysia Finley FollowMay 10, 2024 3:13 pm ET Young people who smoked marijuana in the 1960s were seen as part of thecounterculture. Now the cannabis culture is mainstream. A 2022 surveycounterculture. Now the cannabis…
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Contaminated Pot – California Weed Recall Sparks Warning for People to Call Their Doctor

By Matthew Impelli A weed recall in California has sparked a warning from officials for people to call their doctors if they experience symptoms after using the product. Earlier this month, the California Department of Cannabis Control announced a mandatory recall for single “CANNDESCENT CALIFORNIA 100% WHOLE FLOWER PRE-ROLLS,” over concerns that they may be contaminated…
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