Month: October 2022

Legalized marijuana is a global warming nightmare

by Christine L. Miller  | August 05, 2022 Leaders in the Democratic Party are backing legislation to reduce carbon emissions. Some of them are also sponsoring bills that would expand the cannabis industry, ranging from the MORE Act to the Safe Banking Act and now the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act just introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).…
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OSHA: Cultivation facility worker died after inhaling ground cannabis dust

OSHA fined Trulieve $35,219 for hazard communication violations. The cannabis company is contesting. By Abby Patkin October 7, 2022 A marijuana cultivation facility worker who died in January could not breathe after inhaling ground cannabis dust at the Holyoke site, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation found. While filling pre-rolls at the Trulieve facility on…
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The New Weed Whackers

An exploding black market in states that legalized pot has sparked another government war on marijuana. Steven MalangaOctober 24, 2022 Californians who opened their voters’ guides to the state’s 2010 elections could read a pitch from backers of Proposition 19, an initiative designed to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The argument: that “Prohibition [of marijuana]…
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California recognizes problems of transnational cartels decimating our wilderness areas and public lands and illicit cannabis operations laying waste to environment and communities – First part of 12 step program?

Illicit cannabis operations “laying waste to environment, threatening communities” New multi-agency enforcement taskforce is working to disrupt the illegal market SACRAMENTO – Taking aggressive action to protect communities, consumers, and the environment alike, Governor Gavin Newsom has directed the creation of a new multi-agency, cross-jurisdictional taskforce of enforcement agencies designed to better coordinate agencies combatting…
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