Month: December 2022

California Condemned to Repeat Past Mistakes

December 18, 2022EDITORIAL California’s cannabis mess George Santayana wasn’t talking about California or marijuana when he said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But his often-quoted observation certainly applies to the Golden State after Proposition 64. So, let’s start with a little history. In 1996, voters approved Proposition 215,…
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Pot growers’ worries

Who needs very expensive locally grown pot? EDITOR: After reading two in-depth articles concerning the plight of many “legal” pot growers, I have one comment: Their biggest worry should really be federal legalization. When that occurs and big corporations move in, who needs very expensive locally grown cannabis when a good high can be had…
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Violating the rules

EDITOR: Marisa Endicott’s column on the bureaucratic process crippling Sonoma County’s cannabis industry is misleading (“County growers rack up fees, fines,” Nov. 20). First, growers under the Penalty Relief Program have been allowed to continue while their application is processed. The column points to the recent crop report showing cannabis revenue at $2.4 million an…
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