Month: April 2023

How Cartels Successfully Take Over Northern California | Jorge Ventura

How hordes of Hmong cartels invade and overpower small towns in remote counties, ie: Siskiyou. “If you see the pictures, if you see the video, it looks like a third world country. The crime is off the charts. We have people getting murdered at marijuana grows.” My guest today is Jeremiah LaRue, Sheriff of Siskiyou…
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Marijuana legalization takes a giant step backward

By CALDER MCHUGH 03/08/2023  RIP ‘TOKELAHOMA’ — On Tuesday, Oklahoma slowed the roll of marijuana legalization across the country, voting down full legalization in a referendum by over 20 points. Since 2018, when voters backed medical marijuana legalization by double-digits, the state has earned the nickname “Tokelahoma,” with roughly 12,000 licensed marijuana businesses and nearly 400,000 patients (in a state with…
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