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Sonoma County cannabis growers and rural residents still at sharp odds over cultivation rules – Press Democrat article with comments/corrections to editor

Nearly 8 million Californians voted to make cannabis cultivation, sales and consumption legal in 2016, and the following year more than 360 farmers sought permission to farm the intoxicating plant in Sonoma County. Since then, only 184 permits have been granted in a county that at that time was home to about 3,000 growers. Under…
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Pepper Lane, a close-knit family neighborhood, threatened by large out of area commercial cannabis operation

Pepper Lane, a close-knit family neighborhood, threatened by large commercial cannabis operation. Please sign our petition, write letter to County Petition against Pepper Road commercial pot operation – Sign here If you’re in Two Rock area, please join our neighborhood coalition Join the Two Rock coalition here (Enter Two Rock in the neighborhood coalition field)…
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Like Traffic? Revisions to cannabis ordinance will result in more than 2 million new daily road trips – on rural county roads

Sonoma County’s estimate for traffic in its 2016 (Mitigated Negative Declaration, p. 44) used these metrics: A one-acre cultivation site or a 0.25-acre indoor operation can each require 12-15 employees during peak periods. Fifteen employees average 30 to 60 trips a day.  Scaling up, and using the County’s lower employee figure, each acre of outdoor…
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San Francisco Law Firm Pushes Back on Sonoma County Cannabis Proposal

Sonoma County’s proposed cannabis ordinance and its supplemental mitigated negative declaration are worse than anticipated, and fails to adequately analyze its environmental consequences as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. The proposal allows permits for up to 65,733 acres of outdoor cannabis to be issued in a backroom ministerial process where there is no…
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So you thought cannabis was only an aesthetic blight during the day?

Just when you thought you could at least get some peace at night: GLOWING GREENHOUSES (Glow Worms) LIGHT UP RURAL HILLS Coming Soon to Sonoma County Humbold County [Photo of greenhouses glowing in Southern Humboldt during late April provided by a reader]Once again spring brings light to the hills of the Emerald Counties–large industrial lights…
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The healthiest county in California?

Sonoma County’s stated vision for public health is: To lead, collaborate and succeed in making Sonoma County the healthiest county in California.  The proposed revisions to the cannabis ordinance and General Plan would remove health, safety, and nuisance protections to neighbors who are exposed to pungent terpene odors from cannabis. Please explain how this furthers the…
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The latest proposed pot operation in rural Sonoma is a real stinker

Read about the proposed operation in Bloomfield, the latest poster child project for a bad ordinance gone even further amok. And please sign the petition.

Say no to canna-tourism (Press Democrat)

EDITOR: Sonoma County supervisors will be voting on the cannabis ordinance soon, and they are considering removal of the current cannabis-tourism prohibition. Please write your supervisor and demand that the county retain and actually enforce the ban on cannabis on-site hospitality activities. Request that the county uphold Ordinance No. 6245, Section 26-88-250 (c) (5), which…
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Cannabis tourism will negatively impact property values (Sonoma West)

The cannabis industry wants to copy the wine industry’s model of on-site consumption and events. Currently, the Board of Supervisors are considering removing the current cannabis tourism prohibition. Yet, the cumulative impacts of this type of hospitality and events have not been studied. Hospitality activities at hundreds event centers rob neighbors of the peaceful enjoyment…
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Grand Jury rebukes supervisors for open embrace of cannabis industry, ethics violations, sellout of environmental review process.

Rarely has the Santa Barbara Grand Jury issued so scathing a report as the one released this summer about the open embrace given to the cannabis industry by elected officials throughout Santa Barbara county government. In biting detail, the report castigated the board of supervisors — two in particular — for allowing cannabis industry lobbyists…
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