Financial relief to the drug industry, Really?

Financial relief to the drug industry, Really?

Shame on you, BOS

Dear Board of Supervisors,

How appalling, yet utterly predictable that you would vote unanimously and without discussion to give the Sonoma County marijuana operators just what they told you to give them.

I am a Redwood Empire Food Bank volunteer, and it is extremely difficult to reconcile the great care & attention you afford drug purveyors when the average resident in our county is struggling and under severe financial stress. 

Food bank distribution site visits by residents has sky-rocketed, and several sites run out of food every week before they can serve every waiting family.

Yet, the board of supervisors chooses to provide immediate financial relief to a controversial, and yes, fringe drug industry that provides nothing necessary nor sustainable for living.

It’s time to call out each and every one of you out for what you really are, rogue and dangerous.

-Disgusted Sonoma Citizen