Health, safety and the cannabis ordinance

Health, safety and the cannabis ordinance

We, the residents of Bloomfield, are extremely concerned about the eminent health and safety violations posed by the major revisions to the Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance of 2018, to our town, as well as other residential communities in Sonoma County.

If any changes are to be made to the ordinance, they must be considered on an individual permit basis; accompanied by a full environmental impact report. Our town has 424 inhabitants. The proposed grow abuts the backyard of 14 families and a historical Pioneer cemetery. It would be an 80-acre, full time, commercial operation in the center of our town. Should that be allowed to take place?

Cannabis is nothing like any other agricultural endeavor. The perpetual odor, the crime it brings, the health issues, the infrastructure overload, the pesticide pollution, wildlife displacement and environmental damage, to name a few items, makes such enterprise in the midst of a residential community, prohibitive.

We are in the midst of a drought and live in a zone 3, marginal ground water area.

Marta and David May