The healthiest county in California?

The healthiest county in California?

Sonoma County’s stated vision for public health is:

To lead, collaborate and succeed in making Sonoma County the healthiest county in California. 

The proposed revisions to the cannabis ordinance and General Plan would remove health, safety, and nuisance protections to neighbors who are exposed to pungent terpene odors from cannabis. Please explain how this furthers the county’s vision to become the healthiest county in California. 

In 2018 a group of neighbors in Petaluma sued a grower whose cannabis odors impinged on their homes. As reported in the Press Democrat, “the Uppals claim the stench of cannabis has caused significant breathing problems for their son, who is a paraplegic and relies on a breathing tube.”


Dear BOS: Is your vision for Sonoma County that paraplegic individuals should just suck it up and live with the stench?  Is that a vision of a compassionate county government?