Time for a change

Time for a change

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has utterly failed it’s constituents with their cannabis and hemp policies. They have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding or even respect for the rights of rural residents, of the need to preserve the unique rural character and quality of life of the county and protect the property rights of it’s underrepresented unincorporated area residents.

On a commercial level, they have put a $1.2 Billion tourism industry and the jobs of many in jeopardy in a reckless, ill-advised gambit to make Sonoma County a mecca for pot tourism and speculating on pot permit riches at the end of some rainbow. Meanwhile the illegal industry thrives and continues to pollute, consume resources and put us at risk.

Why have Marin and Napa not adopted wide scale commercial pot production?

There are 2 board seats up for election and 1 recall starting up. SOSN is in due diligence phase and will be announcing our endorsements and support for recall after we hear from the candidates.

When a board violates the trust of it’s constituents, sells out our safety, property values and quality of life to out of area commercial interests, then it’s time for drastic action and new blood may be the medicine needed.

District 1 – David Cook vs Gorin


District 3 – Chris Coursey vs Zane


District 5 – Hopkins unopposed

Recall of Supervisor Hopkins is led by Stuart Kiehl of the Wright Area Action Group


Debate is Jan 16:


The League of Women Voters has announced two Candidates Nights this month.

Jan. 27th is First District forum at 6:30 PM (Gorin and Cook)
Jan 29th is the Third District forum at 6:30 PM (Coursey and Zane)

They are both being held at the SR City Council Chambers at 100 Santa Rosa Ave.

The League accepts written questions at the debate and a group of League members will combine questions on the same topic to pose to the candidates. Timing is very strict and each candidate has a certain time for opening/closing statements and responses to questions from the League and the public. The candidate will be cut off by a timer after they finish their sentence. Candidates are usually given equal additional time to rebut their opponents comments. It is all very civil.

Please get your questions and concerns about cannabis in front of these forums.