Month: January 2019

Environmental Impacts of Cannabis Cultivation in California

Environmental Impacts of Cannabis Cultivation in California Mariah Ponce ENVS PDF Version: https://www.csus.edu/envs/for%20students/Ponce.finalthesis.spring18-.pdf Abstract Marijuana (Cannabis spp.) is a water intensive plant that requires 22.7 liters of water a day per plant to grow. On average, outdoor marijuana sites require nearly 430 million L/ km2 of water for production. Water use associated with marijuana production…
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Everything you need to know about pot’s environmental impact

Americans smoke a lot of weed. It’s a little tricky to get a handle on the actual numbers — there’s that whole “illegal” thing in a lot of places — but we can say there are at least 20 million users in the country. Colorado alone had nearly $1 billion in recreational and medicinal marijuana sales in 2015,…
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Toxic Waste From Illegal Marijuana Farms Is Polluting California Forests

The U.S. Forest Service has reported that national forests in California are being polluted by the residue of numerous illegal marijuana grows. The federal agency estimates that thousands of acres of forest have been contaminated by pollutants, with some sites becoming so toxic that people simply touching plants have been hospitalized.  According to ecologist Mourad Gabriel,…
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Top 10 Myths of Commercial Marijuana Cultivation in Sonoma County

Every one of these statements has been debunked 11-Indoor, Outdoor, Mixed cultivation – They’re all the same, and it’s wonderful 10-It’s about fulfilling the medical supply so the sick and needy can have their meds 9-Pot and wine are perfect together, don’t be a buzz killer 8-Pot cultivation is consistent with our rural county 7-Pot…
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Ending Weed Prohibition Hasn’t Stopped Drug Crimes

Legalizing pot was supposed to reduce crime, or so advocates argued. The theory was simple: As cannabis buyers beat a path to the nearest dispensary, the black market would dry up, and with it the industry’s criminal element. Indeed, a study recently published in The Economic Journal found that after medical marijuana was legalized in California, violent crime fell 15…
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