Call to Action to all Sonoma County citizens!

Call to Action to all Sonoma County citizens!

Please sign the Protect Our Neighborhoods 2020 Petition now!

Change is in the air in Sonoma County! Citizens are waking up to the fact that our county government and Santa Rosa City government are ignoring their constituents. Our elected officials need to start listening and ACTING in support of our safety, security and quality of life.

Citizens have organized to demand a stop to the unrelenting push by the Marijuana Industry to control our city and county governments. Many in this “Industry” are coming from outside our county and state, demanding and often getting everything they want with zero consideration to our quality of life or neighborhood compatibility. Enough is enough!

Please download this Protect Our Neighborhoods 2020 Petition, sign and return per the instructions on it.

This Petition specifically demands this proposed Marijuana Operation at 2300 Bethards Drive in Bennett Valley be denied. The applicant, who does NOT live in Sonoma County, is planning a marijuana retail/ delivery and consumption operation in this residential neighborhood, against the wishes of the residents.

This Petition also calls for a ban on these operations being placed in any other residential neighborhoods. Return instructions for signed Protect Our Neighborhoods 2020 Petition:

1) Mail signed original to: Protect Our Neighborhoods, 2777 Yulupa Ave, PMB 258, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 Or,

2) Email scanned signed copies to: