Cannabis and water

Cannabis and water

EDITOR: The ad on the back page of the front section of the April 4 paper nailed the cannabis explosion in our county. In the 1970s we complained about vineyards taking over pear and walnut orchards to no avail; money speaks. Our water table dropped and some wells were affected, but new dams and reservoirs helped control the reduction. Have we forgotten?

The proposal to open 60,000 acres to cannabis would severely affect our water supply, which is unacceptable, let alone the odious smell and, of course, the probable crime increase. Look at our reservoirs vanishing water levels and tell us it is OK to let the unquenchable cannabis fields take the remaining water. We are once again moving rapidly into a drought situation with water rationing to follow. Cannabis fields will impact severally everyone’s water.

Is this probable impact on all residents truly worth the implied tax money to the county? I can think of no other reason for approval. This old codger asks the supervisors to please reject this ordinance.


Santa Rosa

Press Democrat