Supervisors’ proposed ordinance would change Bennett Valley forever

Supervisors’ proposed ordinance would change Bennett Valley forever

The following analysis of cannabis impacts on Bennett Valley are indicative of the rest of the County.

•        An analysis of Bennett Valley’ indicates that 138 parcels are eligible to cultivate commercial marijuana comprising a total of 4,702 acres

•        Up to 10% of a parcel can be cultivated, so 470 acres of outdoor cultivation could be permitted in Bennett Valley.  Currently about 2.5 acres are cultivated.

•        Much of the outdoor cultivation could be in hoop houses that are covered with white plastic.

•        Another 138 acres of indoor are eligible for cultivation in greenhouses that resemble self-storage units.

•        Using the country’s methodology, 470 acres of outdoor cultivation and 138 acres of indoor cultivation could provide work for 12,264 employees in Bennett Valley. THIS IS NOT A TYPO.

•        The number of residents in Bennett Valley is currently 2,500-3,000, so there would be four times as many employees as residents

•        Using the country’s methodology, 12,264 employees would generate between 24,528 and 49,056 daily vehicle trips. THIS IS NOT A TYPO

•        During thermal inversions when the air is still, 470 acres of outdoor marijuana would emit so much terpene odors that many residents might be uncomfortable living in their homes.

•        It is very unlikely that all eligible land would become marijuana plantations, but even a small percentage of the allowable amount would change Bennett Valley

•        The environmental disclosure document concluded that there would be “no significant impacts,” so permits should be issued in an over-the-counter, backroom “ministerial” process without public knowledge or participation.

The Board of Supervisors may consider adopting this ordinance on Tuesday, April 13.

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