Time for a change

Time for a change

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has utterly failed it’s constituents with their cannabis and hemp policies and the homeless issue. They have demonstrated a complete lack of understanding, or even respect, for rural residents and the need to preserve the unique rural character and quality of life of the county and protect the property rights of it’s residents.

They have put a $1.2 Billion tourism industry and the jobs of many in jeopardy in a reckless, ill-advised gambit to make Sonoma County a mecca for pot tourism and speculating on pot permit riches at the end of some drug infused rainbow – your property, health and safety be damned. Meanwhile the illegal industry thrives and continues to pollute, abuse resources and put us at risk.

Q: Why have Marin and Napa not adopted wide scale commercial pot production?

A: Better Boards.

There are 2 board seats up for election

When a board violates the trust of it’s constituents, sells out our safety, our property and quality of life to out of area commercial interests, then it’s time for drastic action and new blood is the first step.

This board has failed the residents of Sonoma County.

Vote to remove incumbents on March 3.

District 1 – Vote for David Cook


District 3 – Vote for Chris Coursey


District 5 – Hopkins unopposed

Recall of Supervisor Hopkins is led by Stuart Kiehl of the Wright Area Action Group