Your Board of Supervisors, Hard at work for the 0.2%

Your Board of Supervisors, Hard at work for the 0.2%

There are 300 permit applications in Sonoma County. Many appear to be out of town interests.

The population of unincorporated Sonoma County is 146,739

So 0.2% of the population, at most, want to engage in marijuana production currently

What price do the rest of us have to pay for those 0.2%?

What are we willing to do to the unique rural character of our County for that 0.2%

To the Board of Supervisors: What’s in it for the bulk of your constituents, the 99.8% who don’t produce commercial cannabis and don’t have a strong lobbying operation?

It’s not an Ag activity, it’s more like and has more in common with a commercial / industrial activity.

The proposed changes will make rural Sonoma a commercial / industrial zone.

Why don’t Napa and Marin counties allow it?

We drive cars, but we don’t build them here.

There has been a huge outcry, hundreds of letters and myriad evidence submitted against the proposals on many fronts, including legal environmental challenges. The cannabis lobby has not been active on social media or in the press, yet the Board steams ahead.

Why? What’s in it for them?

What’s in it for us? The other 99.8% of the County who don’t have a strong lobbying organization, or elected officials that represent our interests?