Month: September 2022

New York Seeks Marijuana Dealers ‘With Experience’

Of course, what state would hire inexperienced dope dealers. That would be dumb. – ed New York state seeks people “with experience” to help establish what could become the biggest legal marijuana market in the country. The explanation sounds like a punch line: New York will offer licenses and subsidies to people with marijuana convictions…
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“What people think of as a harmless drug or medicinal product have not seen what lies in the belly of the beast.”

Publication info: Los Angeles Times ; Los Angeles, Calif. [Los Angeles, Calif]. 11 Sep 2022: A.1. At sunset from atop Haystack Butte, the desert floor below shimmers with a thousand lights. Illegal cannabis farms. At this hour and distance, serene hues cloak the rugged enclave of Mount Shasta Vista, a tense collective of seasonal camps…
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How we mapped illegal cannabis farms in California

Nobody knows how widespread illegal cannabis grows are in California. So we mapped them Cannabis greenhouses and gardens rise from the ashes of the North Complex fire in Berry Creek. This September 2021 satellite image shows how greenhouses (magenta) and gardens (green) are identified. BY PAIGE ST. JOHN STAFF WRITER  SEPT. 8, 2022  By 2013, illegal…
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How Weed Became the New OxyContin

Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are helping market high-potency, psychosis-inducing THC products as your mother’s ‘medical marijuana’ BY LEIGHTON WOODHOUSE AUGUST 30, 2022 JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES For 30 years, Dr. Libby Stuyt, a recently retired addiction psychiatrist in Pueblo, Colorado, treated patients with severe drug dependency. Typically, that meant alcohol, heroin, and methamphetamines. But about…
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