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Commentary: Sonoma County can do more to protect rural residents from fires (Cloverdale Reveille)

Last November, the world watched with horror as residents of Paradise tried to escape from an oncoming wildfire on clogged roads, some so desperate that they abandoned their vehicles and fled on foot. Government can reduce the risk from wildfires. Our county government should properly enforce the state’s fire safe road regulations to stop new…
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A LEGAL VICTORY AGAINST THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY – or How to get rid of your local pot farm using RICO.

Crimson Galeria Limited Partnership v. Healthy Pharms, Inc., (D MA 2018) Civil Action No. 17-cv-11696-ADB The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act prohibits a person (also a corporation) from investing in, acquiring, or participating in the affairs of an enterprise that engages in racketeering activity. RICO applies to “medical” marijuana and recreational marijuana…
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The green bounty of pot farming, coming to your neighborhood soon…

East Coast men among four arrested after Santa Rosa marijuana deal goes bad New York residents who flew to Sonoma County for a cannabis deal were in custody Wednesday after Tuesday night’s sale turned into an attempted robbery with gunfire in a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies late…
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Bureau of Cannabis Control’s License Search


Cannabis retailers multiplying in Santa Rosa, with objections raised by schools, rival projects

Nine applications for new cannabis dispensaries in Santa Rosa have been approved in the past three months — an expansion that would nearly quadruple the city’s current number of marijuana retailers, with proposals for a dozen more cannabis outlets also in the pipeline. The wave of activity comes as the city is poised to revisit…
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NPOP / SOSN Town Hall

Town Hall with Board of Supervisors, February 21 2018. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cW3JSIPXsEENQP7te_Ixr48knvdkT-bY

Negative Effects of Marijuana: Scientific Research Shows Pot is Harmful

Aren’t you proud Sonoma County Supervisors want our rural areas to be a mecca for production of this drug? But first, see just below our list of peer-reviewed scientific papers helping to explain why potheads tend to be slow, depressed, and often, worse, as we discuss also in this Real Science Radio YouTube video… Research Showing the…
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Murder Mountain, Netflix

Drug culture. That’s what we want to promote in rural Sonoma County.Said no sane, sober person, ever. More people go missing in Northern California’s Humboldt County, a stunning, verdant enclave of mountains, rivers, and redwood trees, than anywhere in the state. Fliers dot the sides of movie theaters, corner groceries, and telephone poles, bearing smiling…
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Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact

Marijuana-related traffic deaths when a driver was positive for marijuana more than doubled from 55 deaths in 2013 to 123 deaths in 2016.  Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 66 percent in the four-year average (2013-2016) since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana compared to the four-year average (2009-2012) prior to legalization. o During the same time period,…
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Sacramento County does not allow outdoor pot growing. Period. Why do we?

Asking for a friend. http://www.saccounty.net/Business/Pages/Marijuana.aspx