chronic state: how marijuana normalization impacts communities

chronic state: how marijuana normalization impacts communities

Marijuana normalization is a propaganda technique used by pro marijuana advocates to minimize the damages of marijuana. They use terms like “medicine”, or “less harmful than alcohol”, or any number of other terms used to make marijuana seem like it is no big deal. It is a tactic that marijuana advocates have used for decades to pass laws  that normalize marijuana.

people are fighting back

DrugFree Idaho is setting the record straight in their dynamic film “Chronic State.” They interviewed key players in the industry, some of whom have worked closely with Graves and Associates. They used their knowledge of the problem of marijuana normalization while film crews used video cuts to visualize the problem. If you want to know the truth about marijuana legalization, then watch this short movie to learn the facts. Don’t forget to share this page to your friends, co-workers and business partners to spread the word about the harms of marijuana.

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