Letter to Supes – Keep Phase 2 Cannabis Ordinance Review

Letter to Supes – Keep Phase 2 Cannabis Ordinance Review

March 15, 2019

Re: Phase 2 of Cannabis Ordinance

Dear Supervisor ____ _____

As you know, Sonoma County was a trailblazer in the State of California to bring forth and legitimize the Cannabis business in our County.   And as you know, even with best of intentions, our ordinance did not foresee the many problems that occur while trying to operationalize the law.   Through the many public hearings, lawsuits and subsequent amendment to the ordinance, much progress has been made, but much is still left to do.   During the amendment review process it was acknowledged that many issues still couldn’t be resolved at that time and would need to be pushed off to the next round of analysis (i.e. neighborhood and environmental protection, etc.).  

I urge the Board of Supervisor to fund Phase 2 and appropriate staff time to do the needed work to address these open issues (left out of the first amendment), as well as address the many new issues that will inevitably arise from the on-going operations of these businesses.


Concerned Sonoma County Resident

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