Prop 64 decriminalized the PERSONAL use of marijuana

Prop 64 decriminalized the PERSONAL use of marijuana

Prop 64 decriminalized the PERSONAL use of marijuana.  Anyone today in the State of CA is allowed to grow a more than adequate number of marijuana plants on their private property in order to use it for personal use.  Prop 64 did not give our County government any explicit voter approval to support, promote or subsidize with our tax dollars this aggressive program to allow hundreds, if not eventually thousands, of commercial marijuana sites all over our County and next to private family homes.

Moreover, their production sites are unattractive, a threat to public safety, threat to water resources, threaten our environment, smell, and are drug production facilities, they simply don’t belong in rural communities.

The County ought to first let Prop 64 work for at least 3-5 years to observe how this might decrease the 5,000 illegal grows, rather than rashly embark on this policy of widely distributed pot operations all over Sonoma County rural neighborhoods.

Also, the actual percentage of the population who uses and wants legitimate marijuana for medical uses is very small, about 3-5% of the population.  This demand can easily be met with a few large greenhouse operations.  They can even be cooperatives which allow and protect the truly avid and sincere LOCAL medical marijuana operators.  Just like any pharmaceutical company, production of drugs is and ought to be in industrial zones and easily contained, and secured.


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