Month: March 2018

From the field: A Pot Business At My Fence

Sonoma County’s commercial cannabis grow businesses should be allowed only in industrial zones, not in neighborhoods. One popped-up next door to me and turned my life upside down. This un-permitted operation sits on my fence line and is practically in my backyard. I can no longer enjoy my backyard, or live comfortably in my house…
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Facts and Figures on Pot Growing

9 out of the last 11 murders in Sonoma County happened at pot farms. Outdoor pot grows consume roughly 60 million gallons pf water a day – 50 percent more than is used by all the residents of San Francisco. The energy needed to produce a single joint is enough to produce 18 pints of…
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SOS Neighborhoods Cannabis Permit Map updated to include ministerial permits

Map of Current Cannabis permit applications in Sonoma County Pins in Red are ministerial permits – You won’t be notified of these operations coming to your neighborhood by  the County. Destroying your neighborhood is just a formality in these cases. Rubber stamp. No notification to neighbors, no review, no hearings, no environmental impact study, no water…
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PD Editorial: Safety must come first in cannabis rules

Residents, especially in rural neighborhoods, are justifiably frightened about being the next victims of a violent break-in at a home with no connection to the cannabis trade. “How many more of these need to happen before the board takes some kind of measure to revamp the ordinance that we have?” Chuck Pinnow, a Penngrove resident,…
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24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana Production in America

You thought your pot came from environmentally conscious hippies? Think again. The way marijuana is grown in America, it turns out, is anything but sustainable and organic. Check out these mind-blowing stats, and while you’re at it, read Josh Harkinson’s feature story, “The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming.” 24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Marijuana…
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Supervisor Lynda Hopkins Fears Disruption of Sonoma Cannabis Market Following Edict

Maybe Supervisor Hopkins needs to hear that she is on the wrong side of the cannabis train.  

The Unexpected Ways Growing Marijuana Impacts the Environment

Indoor warehouse grows use the most power Outdoor grows use the most water Greenhouse grows use less power and can be designed to have most of the advantages of an indoor warehouse grow

The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming

But of course, making it legal will make all the environmental issues go away. That will make it GREEN, and AG. Yea, right. The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming

Chemicals and Marijuana

There are two key health and environmental impacts of marijuana production: 1. Impact on the Environment – Land and water is being polluted by the often illegal and over use of chemicals notably nitrates. This is of direct concern to Calaveras County. We do not want to permit further contamination of our county by cannabis…
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Marijuana Growing and Air Pollution: Discussion Paper from The Communications Institute Denise Shandroff said. “It looked like an orchard. The larger they got and the closer to harvest, the smellier it got, and the odor was overwhelming.” City Attorney Christine Dietrick said that the Shandroffs’ concerns were enough to prompt the City Council to ask for an ordinance to be drafted. In describing the odor,…
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