Board of Supervisors to Rural Communities: Drop Dead

Board of Supervisors to Rural Communities: Drop Dead

After 3 town halls where hundreds of residents turned out to express their opposition

After a dozen or more small group meetings where residents showed supervisors first hand the destructive and unsightly pot grows next to them

After receiving thousands of letters from affected rural residents

(Apparently, according to Supe Zane, it’s the people who didn’t write and didn’t show up, whose voice must be heard. And she knows what it is.)

After 10 out of the last 13 recent murders in Sonoma County took place at pot grows

After 7 home invasions with women and children beaten, tied up, pistol whipped – IN OUR RURAL COUNTY

Yesterday the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors told rural communities to Drop Dead.

In light of the recent murders at rural pot grows, this can be taken quite literally.

Your peaceful enjoyment of your rural property – Drop dead

Your security – drop dead

Your property values, life savings – Take a hike

The rural character of Sonoma County – Drop dead – Replaced by the drug culture

The Health and Safety, Comfort and General Welfare  of our Communities – See ya

The Economic Vitality of our County – Hasta la vista

We will continue to fight for Rural Sonoma – Donate Here


-SOSN Member

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