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Just Some Pharmers: Two men accused of attempted murder following Santa Rosa pot robbery

Santa Rosa police officers arrested two Vallejo men late Thursday night on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery in connection with a shooting that followed a pot deal gone awry. Milton Harrison Thompson and Samuel Ricardo Hernandez, both 31, were arrested and booked into the Contra Costa County Jail after Santa Rosa detectives tracked them…
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Another Pot Grow Shooting, you know cause they’re “farmers”

These repeated, ongoing crimes really raise the image of Sonoma County and no doubt are good for our tourism industry.  Sunset Magazine may even run a story on the last 10 Sonoma pot farm murders with some glamour shots – Come for the wine tasting, stay for the shootings and home invasions. Thanks Board of…
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Wine and Marijuana, What could go wrong?

Cannabis and Wine in Sonoma County The Cannabis Advisory Group was formed by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to advise the Supervisors on Cannabis regulations.  It consists of 20 volunteers, mostly involved in the Cannabis business. At the Feb 27th meeting some the CAG board members comments were: Grapes use more water than Cannabis…
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