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Continued Planning Commission Meeting scheduled for April 15, 2021

Note the unusual time – 6 pm. The red-lined Chapters 38 and 26 documents released on the 8th. From: Sonoma County, CA <casonoma@public.govdelivery.com>Subject: Sonoma County Cannabis Updates This email is to inform you that the meeting materials for the Continued Planning Commission Meeting scheduled for April 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM are now available.To view the meeting materials, visit…
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On Gore & Hopkins watch: the county’s cannabis regulations have been a fiasco (Wine and Water Watch)

Hopkins is on a roll: Sebastopol Inn purchase (state felt it over priced, Oakland housed 100 for Hopkins 31 same $), Measures in special election failed, power grab as board president failed, pushing biomass industry (dirtier than coal), cannabis ad hoc co-chair with Gore FIASCO. Hopkins’ comments EDITOR: I found Supervisor Lynda Hopkins’ comments in…
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Sonoma County cannabis growers and rural residents still at sharp odds over cultivation rules – Press Democrat article with comments/corrections to editor

Nearly 8 million Californians voted to make cannabis cultivation, sales and consumption legal in 2016, and the following year more than 360 farmers sought permission to farm the intoxicating plant in Sonoma County. Since then, only 184 permits have been granted in a county that at that time was home to about 3,000 growers. Under…
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Like Traffic? Revisions to cannabis ordinance will result in more than 2 million new daily road trips – on rural county roads

Sonoma County’s estimate for traffic in its 2016 (Mitigated Negative Declaration, p. 44) used these metrics: A one-acre cultivation site or a 0.25-acre indoor operation can each require 12-15 employees during peak periods. Fifteen employees average 30 to 60 trips a day.  Scaling up, and using the County’s lower employee figure, each acre of outdoor…
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Sonoma County releases draft of cannabis lobby revisions to ordinance

Wholesale capitulation to the cannabis lobby and out of area speculators abandonment of local residents, rural neighborhoods Removal of restrictions on cannabis production in the County All cannabis permits to be ministerial without neighbor notification or input Cannabis to be re-classified as an Ag crop Cannabis tourism restrictions to be removed The comment period will…
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