Lake County Did It

Lake County Did It

In December of 2013, the Lake County Board of Supervisors approved the Lake County Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. In brief, this Ordinance bans outdoor grows and limits indoor grows to 100 sq ft in the eleven population centers of the County designates as “Community Growth Boundaries.”

Given Lake County’s population distribution, this means that about 72% of the County’s residents (excluding incorporated Lakeport and Clearlake) are protected from outdoor marijuana grows and from indoor grows larger than 100 sq ft.

Because County Supervisors reaffirmed these restrictions in March of 2018, this same 72% of the residents are also protected from any and all commercial grows.

Imagine the good will you will enjoy if you come anywhere close to  protecting 72% of your residents from commercial grows, indoors and out.

Besides, it’s the right thing to do.


R.T. Guthrie
SOSN Member

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