Marijuana Growers Warned Against Use of Illegal Pesticides

“The federal government puts pesticides through tests that determine in what context a chemical may be used in agriculture and how much may be used. Those accepted uses are then listed on the label of the pesticide. However, because cannabis is an illegal substance according to federal laws, there are no approved pesticides to use…
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Many in law enforcement opposed Prop. 64 – that would legalize recreational marijuana – but lack funds to fight

The California State Sheriffs’ Association opposed the ballot measure, in part because of concerns it would lead to more crime.   Many in law enforcement oppose Prop. 64 – that would legalize recreational marijuana – but lack funds to fight A proposition to legalize pot raises DUI concerns: ‘We are going to start losing folks…
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Cloverdale pot home-invasion similar to earlier Sonoma County crimes

Armed men looking for marijuana, cash and guns broke into a Cloverdale home earlier this year, a violent intrusion with striking similarities to a series of other violent and deadly home-invasion robberies in Sonoma County. Detectives are looking into whether the cases involve some of the same suspects.

Botched Sonoma County pot home invasions appear to be related

“A connection between Monday’s violent predawn home-invasion robbery in Petaluma and a similar deadly confrontation last month in Santa Rosa emerged in court Wednesday when a deputy public defender told the judge her office was not available for appointment because of an undisclosed conflict. Both incidents involved suspects from the East Coast, and the Public…
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Pot-related home invasions in Sonoma County spur call for new restrictions on cannabis cultivation

“Residents voted to legalize marijuana for adult use — they did not vote to have them in their neighborhoods next door to where they raise their families,” said Penngrove resident Cindy Schellenberg.

Old marijuana farm may have been target of Petaluma home invaders

“Everyone is pretty shaken up,” said Percell. “There were kids in two of the homes.” “We knew this was going to happen,” said Lisa Delzell, who left the neighborhood in 2015 — in part to get away from the unwanted activity on the farm off Petersen Lane.


SOS Neighborhoods Policy Positions

Listed in priority order, Save our Sonoma Neighborhoods urges the electorate and the Board of Supervisors to support the following Sonoma County policy changes: 1) All commercial marijuana cultivation should be restricted to industrial zoning only. Commercial marijuana cultivation does not belong in neighborhoods, regardless of their zoning. It should be relegated to industrial-zoned areas…
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Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Meeting 3/13/18 8:30 AM

Board of Supervisors Chambers 575 Administration Drive Room 102A Santa Rosa, CA 95403 38.464779, -122.725614 Google Maps™ Directions Meeting Documentation Agenda Addendum [PDF: 124 KB] Complete Agenda Packet [PDF: 12.3 MB]

Calaveras County, once pot-friendly, bans marijuana

Sheriff DiBasilio estimated the county, which is about the size of Rhode Island, has more than 1,000 illegal farms in addition to the 200 licensed farmers and the hundreds more who had their applications pending. The influx has caused a backlash among residents and led to the ouster of some leaders who approved marijuana cultivation.…
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