2016 Press Democrat, alerting to the problems of commercial pot farms in rural residential areas:

Toxic Chemicals Killing California Wildlife At Illegal Marijuana Grows

Toxic Chemicals Killing California Wildlife At Illegal Marijuana Grows

OPINION: No Cannabis Zoning Permits in Our Neighborhood

OPEN LETTER TO THE SONOMA COUNTYBOARD OF SUPERVISORS My wife and I live on a 2.5 acre parcel on a quiet residential street in unincorporated Sebastopol. We have lived here for 25 years. We raised our daughter here. This is a neighborhood filled with children. Then, last year the owner of an adjoining parcel brought…
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Sonoma County supervisors ban rural pot cultivation

The problem is the ordinance they created had flaws which has allowed pot farms to take off in rural residential areas. “Siding with rural residents opposed to cannabis cultivation in their neighborhoods, Sonoma County supervisors on Tuesday rejected a proposal to allow small-scale growers to farm marijuana in any rural residential zones outside city limits.…
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Northern California Marijuana Grows Attract International Investment

Northern California Marijuana Grows Attract International Investment

Marijuana banking to be discussed in Santa Rosa

“A cash-only economy comes with risks, from safety concerns for employees handling large amounts of cash to staff time required to handle all aspects of the business involving money.  There are other risks, too. When CannaCraft was raided by Santa Rosa police in July while the city’s rules on cannabis manufacturing were in flux, it…
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