Pandering to pot lobby – Press Democrat

Pandering to pot lobby – Press Democrat

EDITOR: Compared to the scores of letters from residents calling out the numerous problems associated with the county’s plan to weave thousands of commercial pot facilities throughout our rural neighborhoods, how many letters have you seen from the pot industry, which stands to make millions under the current ordinance, extolling the virtues and benefits of having this sort of commercial activity next to our homes?

I challenge any of the applicants for a commercial cannabis permit to sit down with my neighbors and explain why having a big-fence commercial pot compound 300 feet from the bedroom windows of their children would be good for their welfare, safety, property values and already depleted groundwater. This reality is about to happen to hundreds of families throughout the county, and this is just the beginning. Object now, not after the problem has become systemic.

Contact your supervisors. Attend Tuesday’s board meeting. The supervisors work for all of us, not just the cannabis industry, yet the board is rushing to get the industry up and running, pandering to the powerful cannabis lobby at the expense of neighbors.



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