Protect our trails – petition to change designation from transportation corridor to park

Protect our trails – petition to change designation from transportation corridor to park

Parks ARE parks.

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent emails to thank Lynda Hopkins for supporting that trails owned & maintained by Sonoma County.

Please notify the other supervisors that we believe that county owned and maintained trails are parks and not just transportation corridors. If you have already sent an email to Lynda thanking her, you could just forward that email to the other supervisors (email addresses below.)

If you have not already emailed Lynda you can help support her efforts to have our trails designated as linear parks.
The language in the Municipal Code states that “Park” means all land or water owned, leased, managed, or controlled by the Sonoma County park system.” (Ord. No. 1832 § 2.)

Measure M just passed this November 6 and was supported by 70% of voters. 0.8% sales tax will now be applied to support our Sonoma County parks and to provide needed funding for deferred maintenance, existing facilities re-development and new infrastructure. Trails are parks in every respect.

Plan to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday 12/11/18 at 9:00 am at 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa

Please email Lynda Hopkins and CC the other supervisors at addresses below.

You can mention how you use the trail and how important it is that cannabis uses be kept far from trails/parks by adhering to the 1000′ setbacks required in the Cannabis Regulations. There is no need to get technical. Just speak from your experience and state why you think trails and cannabis are not a good mix.

cc: Bert.Whitaker@sonoma-county.org

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