Supervisor Gorin Must Protect Our Neighborhoods

Supervisor Gorin Must Protect Our Neighborhoods

On April 10, the board of supervisors heard from Sonoma County residents whose lives and homes are overwhelmed by the 24/7 noise, smell, chemicals, lights, and traffic of commercial marijuana grows. They are also concerned about home invasions and safety.

At that meeting, Supervisor Susan Gorin said:

• “Neighborhood compatibility is probably the most important issue.”
• “I am a neighborhood advocate.”
Six weeks later, Gorin’s Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee proposed doing virtually nothing to protect neighborhoods. The board of supervisors will take up the issue on August 7.

Our neighborhoods need:

• 1,000-foot setbacks from homes so families don’t have to live near commercial marijuana businesses.
• 20-acre minimum lot sizes for all zoning categories.
• A simple mechanism for communities to exclude commercial pot production from their neighborhoods.

Tell Supervisor Gorin (
or 565-3752) she should keep her promises to protect our neighborhoods.

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