Use online complaint tool to report cannabis violations

Use online complaint tool to report cannabis violations

Sonoma County has a code compliance system and they even have an app for it. So if you see something out of code, like RV or waste sewage or ridgeline development or lack of track and trace RFID, report it with this app. This will create a hard record in the file. You can include things like grow site visibility, anything that the State is requiring of the grow sites, even Odor. Just report it and – as they said in grade school – it goes on their permanent record. Telephone calls do not and are not normally recorded as complaints.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) on Nov. 1 issued notices to 394 retailers, delivery services, distributors and microbusinesses that they won’t be legally able to conduct business until they’ve undergone mandatory track-and-trace system training and credentialing, a spokesman for the agency confirmed.

If any grows do not have track and trace RFID take a photo and report them asap to the state.