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From the Field: My land was invaded by pot growers

I have family property between Healdsburg and Guerneville off Sweetwater Springs Road. Porter Creek runs through my lower property. The creek is a fish bearing stream as are other creeks off remote, hilly landscapes. Fish biologists have done fish counts on Porter Creek, The property by the house where I grew up on Mt. Jackson…
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From the field: Lost our peace in Valley Ford

In the Valley Ford and Freestone areas, rarely represented, we never received any grower or county notice of growers intent to farm, set backs, commercialization of a private easements and roadways. This ever morphing ordinance needs structure and enforcement and serious guidance. It needs to return to the ballot. This industry needs to be in…
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From the field: Pot and property values

EDITOR: Suppose you bought a house in Sonoma County. You worked hard to pay the mortgage. You worked hard to build up equity in your house. You worked hard to make your house a safe environment for your children. Then the Board of Supervisors voted to allow a large commercial cannabis operation to be built…
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From the field, Stench in Sebastopol RR Zone

To Sonoma County BOS I have some serious concerns about the pending permit for 5651 Ver-Ni Rd. My concerns are that the cannabis farm will: Put my family at risk of invasion. Destroy the value of our property. Deluge it with stench. Cause dust, noise and commercial traffic – deliveries, employees, pickups, & trash. Are…
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From the field, Cazadero

To: Lynda Hopkins, Tim Ricard Thank you for meeting with us in Cazadero a couple weeks back. It was very kind of you to take the time. However as we get near the meeting next Tuesday, I suspect not much will change. The County will persist on expecting budget windfalls from this project to offset the…
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From the field: A bad neighbor

EDITOR: It’s legal in Sonoma County to grow cannabis on a 2-acre agriculture-zoned parcel bordering Sebastopol’s city limits and surrounded by homes or parks. Imagine plants 300 feet from your house or 100 feet from your garden. Imagine indoor cultivation structures and employee activities about 20 feet from your relaxing swing. That’s my reality living…
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From the Field: An SOSN core member says goodbye to Sonoma County

One of our founders, who lives a rural part of the North County, has given up hope and is selling his property – most likely at a great loss – due to the incursion of 2 large commercial pot grows next door. “You’ll have to excuse my tone and directness, the past 7 months have…
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From the field: Latest Sonoma County Gazette pot Op Eds

https://www.sonomacountygazette.com/sonoma-county-news/letters-from-gazette-readers-april-2018 No commercial cannabis near homes I live in a RR (Rural Residential) area near Penngrove and Petaluma. We have paid taxes to live in this safe, tranquil residential area, originally zoned AR, since January 1989. My neighbors and I absolutely do NOT want the encroachment of cannabis growers in this area. None of us…
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From the Field: Lost our family get togethers

One member in Petaluma reports…. We have had a Christmas cookie bake at our house every year for the past 15 years.  6 families come together, the ovens are going all day and we open the doors and windows.  The smell of cookies is everywhere, and the kids run around inside and out playing and…
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