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Green pharming and retail dispensaries – Just Ag and just another neighborhood business. Nothing to see here.

Community Message: Marijuana Business Burglary and Vehicle Pursuit; Case 19-17040 On Saturday, December 14, 2019, at 3:36am, Santa Rosa Police Officers responded to a marijuana business in the 900 block of Piner Place for a burglar alarm activation. Officers arrived to find a burglary crew actively stealing marijuana from the business. The suspects, believed to be…
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The wrong way to plan for cannabis cultivation

On April 16, the Board of Supervisors will decide whether to direct Permit Sonoma to address the severe compatibility problems with cannabis cultivation in rural neighborhoods. Last year the supervisors publicly committed to amending the cannabis ordinance to fix these problems, but ultimately failed to do much. The supervisors need to acknowledge the fundamental problem.…
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To ensure public health and safety, impose a two-year moratorium on marijuana legalization (The Hill)

Marijuana legalization is gaining momentum across the country, backed by supportive public opinion, politicians, Wall Street investors and the increasingly influential for–profit cannabis industry. By 2025, the legal U.S. marijuana market could be a roughly $50 billion business as a cornucopia of cannabis-based products become easily available in shops and online. But in the rush to legalize…
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Ending Weed Prohibition Hasn’t Stopped Drug Crimes

Legalizing pot was supposed to reduce crime, or so advocates argued. The theory was simple: As cannabis buyers beat a path to the nearest dispensary, the black market would dry up, and with it the industry’s criminal element. Indeed, a study recently published in The Economic Journal found that after medical marijuana was legalized in California, violent crime fell 15…
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Local cultural enrichment compliments of Marijuana trade

Man in underwear at Santa Rosa Target store sparks kidnapping, robbery investigation Two Stockton residents were in custody Tuesday, suspected of kidnapping, robbery and assault during a Santa Rosa marijuana deal that left one man stripped to his underwear, yelling for help in a busy Santa Rosa shopping center, according to police. The investigation started…
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Just Some Pharmers: Two men accused of attempted murder following Santa Rosa pot robbery

Santa Rosa police officers arrested two Vallejo men late Thursday night on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery in connection with a shooting that followed a pot deal gone awry. Milton Harrison Thompson and Samuel Ricardo Hernandez, both 31, were arrested and booked into the Contra Costa County Jail after Santa Rosa detectives tracked them…
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Another Pot Grow Shooting, you know cause they’re “farmers”

These repeated, ongoing crimes really raise the image of Sonoma County and no doubt are good for our tourism industry.  Sunset Magazine may even run a story on the last 10 Sonoma pot farm murders with some glamour shots – Come for the wine tasting, stay for the shootings and home invasions. Thanks Board of…
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