From the field: Lost our peace in Valley Ford

From the field: Lost our peace in Valley Ford

In the Valley Ford and Freestone areas, rarely represented, we never received any grower or county notice of growers intent to farm, set backs, commercialization of a private easements and roadways. This ever morphing ordinance needs structure and enforcement and serious guidance. It needs to return to the ballot.

This industry needs to be in a central location away from livestock, wildlife and families. Supervision is essential. Too many cannabis farms, too many violations and too many liberties granted to those who are not authentic community members.

Our town is historical cattle and dairy land. Children grew up learning about healthy activities in family oriented settings. Now they can learn how to grow cannabis.

Our zoning was changed, without notice, our address was changed without notice. Our landscape was changed,without notice. It generally appears that we have become the “destination station” for the county cannabis industry. Well, it is scary. Too often, we cannot leave our home, or if out, cannot return.

We lived on peaceful hilltop, with million dollar views never witnessed any crime and almost overnight everything changed.

All of the above (negligence) has contributed to destruction of property, and destruction of reputation, total destruction of property values via odor, noise, heavy traffic, domination on roadways, high speed and heavy industrial traffic on the main county roads. Not mention no longer attractive to the general public.

There is also 24/7 surveillance along driveway and grows. Now 30 to 40 workers on duty 90% of the time. Industrial equipment is used and can cause more damage and hazard.

We personally  are monitored and our travels are videoed and logged by growers and we are greeted by packs attack dogs at the gate . Who has access to this electronic info?

None of these events and activities are in alignment, with decades of peace, beauty and solitude that were once ours.

We have never needed police services; we have recently been informed that we are on our own.

-SURROUNDED by Pot Factories in Valley ford

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