These are not Farms – They are Drug Manufactories

These are not Farms – They are Drug Manufactories

These are not Pot Farms

These are drug manufacturing facilities.

Their level of daily employee activity is entirely different from and exponentially more than vineyard operations, or other true agricultural operations

Thus they need to be permitted in specially designated commercial or industrial areas.

Vineyards are harvested once per year, they do set up port a potty units for the labor, which are usually going through in a matter of days to do their harvesting.  Even the port a potty units are placed far away from any homes and are temporary.

We live next to big vineyard, Matanzas Creek, and not once have we ever seen or heard their workers.  The harvesting is done quickly, once per year.  The vines are pretty changing colors every season and don’t smell.

Pot is totally different.  These are drug production operations and require daily human activity to develop and maintain, very high levels of activity and traffic are involved every day 24/7 365 days per year.

They don’t belong in rural residential, not even in traditional Ag zones.

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