They call us NIMBY’s

They call us NIMBY’s

Dear cannabis lobby,

Calling your opposition NIMBYs is fun and easy!

It’s a great way to erase myriad valid arguments against commercial pot production in rural neighborhoods.

Just throw a label on them and BAM everything gets simple. They’re just NIMBYs. Damn clueless, selfish NIMBYs trying to stop progress. They just don’t get how good it is in potopia. IE: Colorado, Humboldt.

We have had 22 home invasion incidents and 11 murders at pot grows in the past 3 years.

We had another shooting at a legal grow recently, with an attempted murder. The myth that legalization leads to less crime has been debunked.

Colorado has had 11 pot related homicides since legalization. How is that working?

Here are 3 articles showing that legalization does not reduce crime:

Here are some other cases of NIMBY hysteria.